Signature Massage

Holistic Therapy Professional’s Signature Massage is the ultimate self-care package.  Our signature massage is a customized combination of healing therapies that will leave you relaxed, revitalized and rejuvenated! 

Hot packs are placed on tense muscles to prepare them for a deep massage. Deep pressure and slow, firm strokes reduce pain and relieve muscle tension. Aromatherapy creates a centering effect that engages your senses in this transformative experience.

Your massage therapist delves in with deep tissue work and trigger point and tender point therapy to soften stubborn adhesions that “hold” your stress. Loosening these adhesions can “release” the stress. This muscle melting exercise is followed by an application of cold stones to soothe inflammation, remove toxins and relieve any residual discomfort you may have.

Your treatment is complete with the application of a topical cold analgesic that will leave you with long lasting cooling relief. 

As you let go of stress and drift into a peaceful state a guided meditation is given to enhance the holistic experience (optional). 

Warning: Trigger Point therapy can be temporarily uncomfortable as adhesions are released. The discomfort quickly disperses.


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